Table, Pavilion and Tree

  • Place: Würzburg
  • Year: 2023 -
  • Cross floor area: 270 sqm
  • Client: private
  • Architect: Tanja Lincke Architekten
  • Team: Mátyás Angyal, Elisa Eagleton, Tanja Lincke

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At first glance, the possibilities for for building on the hilly plot overlooking Würzburg are severly limited due to the building frame and strict requirements. To avoid diminishing the spaciousness and park-like character of the site while fully utilizing the building potential, the two-story building consists of two structures: a concrete table inserted into the slope, creating a platform for an airy wooden pavilion above. The geometry of both structures evolves from maximizing the building frame and incorporating an oak tree crown, which is to remain unappropriated but is connected to the wooden pavilion via a delicate band in form of a staircase.

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