New York Bar

  • Place: Berlin
  • Year: 2019 – 2020
  • Cross floor area: 400 sqm
  • Client: Estrel Hotel Betriebs GmbH
  • Architect: Tanja Lincke Architekten
  • Team: Tanja Lincke, Jimena Parzinger, Francesco Pizzorusso, Theresa Zschäbitz
  • Photography: Noshe

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The New York Bar shows the structural remodeling of the Estrel Hotel’s bar in Berlin Neukölln. The new design aims to establish a logical spatial arrangement through just a few targeted interventions, without changing the primary structure of the building. The new bar element is centrally positioned in the room, stretched between a column and a ventilation shaft. Previous room-dividing elements now form integral parts of the bar structure itself. The geometry of the existing low ceiling reflects the new structure of the space by relocating a few smaller technical supply lines. Couches originally placed in the hotel lobby, then stored for many years, were reused by reupholstering and covering them with new fabrics. The room is defined by a limited color palette, creating a tension that is harmoniously resolved through the room’s new geometry.

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