Between Ruins And Trees

  • Place: Berlin
  • Year: 2021 -
  • Cross Floor Area: 2,780 sqm
  • Collaboration: Florian Jennewein + Tanja Lincke Architekten
  • Team: Franz Brannaschk, Florian Jennewein, Tanja Lincke, Luisa Seliger, Nicolás Wittig
  • Fire Protection: hhpberlin

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The previously almost surreal interactions of the diverse architectural structures on an 8,500 square meter property on the River Spree are brought into a new context by the addition of a building. The once fragmented Ruin Garden is now located in the center of the plot. Rather than trying to fit to all of the unique buildings, the new structure delicately integrates the disparate elements, forming a cohesive frame around the Ruin Garden, reminiscent of monastery complexes, deeply rooted in cultural heritage. Diverging from the rather monolithic existing buildings in both structure and material, it serves as a mediator between nature and man-made interventions. Choosing wood as a primary material maintains the connection with the neighboring tree-lined path. The clear load-bearing structure and arrangement of the supply connections enable a high degree of spatial flexibility.

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