Atelier Anselm Reyle

  • Place: Berlin
  • Year: 2010 – 2011
  • Cross floor area: 720 sqm
  • Client: Ans Grundstücksverwaltungs GmbH & Co. KG
  • Architect: Tanja Lincke Architekten
  • Team: Kai Grüne, Tanja Lincke
  • Structural engineer: Ingenieurbüro Rüdiger Jockwer GmbH
  • Photography: Marcus Ebener, Noshe, Wichmann & Bendtsen

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The outbuildings of a former shipyard site are converted into studio and office spaces, while preserving the industrial character. The once dim storage rooms in the lower building complex are now evenly lit by generous incisions in the north façade, which also reflect the building’s inner structural rhythm to the outside. This design ensures direct connectivity between every workspace and the exterior. Additionally, large skylights installed into the existing roof provide the rooms with ample light and ventilation. A dark, narrow corridor running along the firewall contrasts with the adjoining workspaces. The original surface of the interior walls has been retained, allowing the newly added structures to remain distinct. An external concrete ramp facilitates seamless movement between the interior and exterior spaces while connecting the two building complexes.

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