Analysis On A New Piece

  • Year: 2023
  • Team: Mátyás Angyal, Tanja Lincke, Juliette de Metz

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The continuous transformation of a site on the river Spree opens a new chapter with the addition of a new structure. Given the complexity of the interrelationship between various structures and elements on the site, addressing contextual matters becomes fundamental. This research collection gathers insights that can broaden perspectives when considering the potential of a future extension. Across several chapters, the reader is guided through various aspects, some directly addressing the qualities of the spaces, while others take a more abstract approach to analyse a wide range of possibilities for the planned extension.

The site that used to belong to the GDR water police was found as fallow land with mainly dilapidated buildings. Fascinated by the morbid presence of the abandoned industrial site, it was decided to underline its condition through an architectural and artistic re-appropriation. This led to the transformation of the main building of the former shipyard into a ruin. In addition to the gradual conversion of the auxiliary buildings into studio spaces, two new structures were built in 2014 and in 2017.

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